What to Stock for a Truly Family-Friendly Airbnb

What to Stock for a Truly Family-Friendly Airbnb


If you run a vacation rental or Airbnb business, chances are you’re no stranger to hosting families. Young families on their first vacation. Big, multi-generational families. Families that include the family dog.

Families are as unique as the rentals that host them, but one thing is for sure: in today’s vacation rental landscape, it’s not enough to stick a highchair in the closet and call your property “family-friendly.”

At aBundle, we want to help get your property to next-level family-friendly. So, read on for some of overlooked items that will impress families all the way to a glowing 5-star review.

Safety features

As vacation rentals go “pro,” so do safety standards. Of course, there are some obvious, non-negotiable safety features, like:

To offer a truly family-friendly Airbnb, though, you should think beyond the basics.

If you have a pool, for example, a pool door alarm will ease parents’ minds. Some vacation rental owners/managers also provide wearable wristbands that send an alarm when submerged for an added layer of safety.

Heading back inside, other family-friendly safety features to consider are:


Baby gear

Nothing gets a vacation started on the wrong foot quite like unloading 300 pounds of baby gear from an overstuffed car. Let alone the poor parents who arrive on a plane!

Not every rental is going to have space to stock everything families have at home. But if you can provide the below items, your guests will be thrilled (make sure to tell them what you provide in advance so they know how to pack!):


Cleaning supplies

Sure, your housekeeper or cleaning staff will do the heavy lifting after checkout, but kids are messy! Don’t keep all of your cleaning supplies locked away from guests who want to keep things tidy during their stay.

Aside from the standards like dish detergent, a fresh new sponge for each guest,

Low-tech entertainment

Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and a DVD/Blu-Ray collection are expected in a modern vacation rental, but be sure to also provide screen-free options to help families connect, like:

  • Boardgames
  • Deck of cards
  • Coloring/activity books
  • Books—make sure to include a range, from toddler to young adult
  • Yard games, like a Slip ‘n Slide, beanbag toss, and/or horseshoes
  • Sports equipment like basketballs, soccer nets + balls, footballs
  • If you’re near a beach, don’t forget sand toys, beach umbrellas, and other beach equipment.

Next-level tip: You can also put together a simple scavenger hunt or checklist for young guests, featuring different flora and fauna in your area, for example, or local activities to try.

Seeking guidance for which products are right for your vacation rental? Talk to aBundle! Backed by the expertise of the American Hotel Register—who have been in the hospitality supply business for over a century!—aBundle is a better way to stock your vacation rental property and reach for the (five) stars.