8 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vacation Rental or Airbnb

8 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vacation Rental or Airbnb


Another summer is upon us in the world of vacation rentals, and as booked guests daydream about their much-deserved break from the “real world,” many hosts, owners and managers are meanwhile diving head first into their busiest time of year. 

Is your to-do list already getting longer along with the daylight hours? Use our quick and painless vacation rental cleaning tips below to make sure you’re hitting the major highlights to be ready for summer.


  1. Deep clean your BBQ.

    Grills are an excellent selling feature for vacation rentals, so if you’ve got one, flaunt it. But only if you vow to give it a thorough deep clean before grilling season begins. No one wants to witness the remnants of a prior guests’ meal! 

Of course, if guests use your grill year-round, you should deep clean it more than once a year. In fact, depending on occupancy industry best practices call for a deep clean two to four times a year. And don’t forget to inspect—and replace as needed—the BBQ tools, cleaning brushes and, importantly, your fire extinguisher.

It’s worth saying that this is a messy job, and it’s a lot to ask of your cleaner. You may want to give your cleaner a break and ask your maintenance person to take on the task.

  1.  Replace your batteries.

    With increased turnovers and higher occupancies coming soon, it’s wise to go ahead and replace all of your essential batteries. Start, of course, with your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Not only is this a life-saving measure, it’s a sanity-saving one for your guests—the periodic beeps from a dying smoke detector battery are one of life’s major annoyances.

Next replace the batteries for your digital door locks (if applicable), thermostats, remote controls and any emergency flashlights.

  1. Clean windows.

     Make sure guests get a high-definition view of those mountains, palm trees, ocean waves, etc. Deep cleaning your windows is an important springtime task (and, in fact, you should clean them in fall, too.) Use a stick vacuum, an attachment, or a Q-tip to clean the tough-to-reach cracks and microfiber towels for the panes.
  1. Clean carpets.

    As with windows, carpets should be deep cleaned twice a year. We recommend bringing in the pros for this; hospitality can do a number on your carpets!
  1. Inventory and replace your linens.

    Take a good, long, hard look at your linens (or ask your cleaners to do so) and make sure these aren’t stained, threadbare, odorous, or otherwise compromised. Items to check include:

  1.  Stock up on vacation rental cleaning supplies and other consumables.

    As turnovers get more intense, it’s important that you have all the necessary supplies on hand for you or your cleaners to get the job done quickly. Check that you have a full supply of:

  1. Stock up on guest goodies, too.

    If you provide guest amenities like shampoos and soaps, make sure you have a full supply of these, as well. You should purchase enough guest amenities to last a year, to avoid that last-minute scramble during turnover. Set a reminder to purchase new product nine months out so you get your replacement inventory in plenty of time.

We recommend leaving one of each of these in each bathroom for maximum guest comfort:

And some considerate extras to provide include:

  • Coffee
  • Local snacks
  • Items featuring your logo, like stamped postcards, bottled water, beer koozies, etc.
  • Bottled water (you can get these branded, too)
  1.  Prep an emergency kit for each rental.

    Be sure that you are providing important items like a First Aid kit, fully charged flashlights, an emergency radio, bottled water, and, of course, contact information for emergencies, hospital directions, and any emergency instructions specific to your area, especially if you live somewhere that is disaster-prone.


Did you already accomplish all seven tasks in the checklist? Great work! One more tipstep: think about general maintenance around your property, too. That means general touch-ups to paint, exteriors, etc., tending to your landscaping, and ensuring your pool/spa are in excellent shape.

Then go ahead and take a break, because you deserve one, too. Here’s to a sensational summer at your vacation rental!