Make sure your clean stands out

Make sure your clean stands out

Though it may already sound cliché, it’s still undeniably true – keeping your property clean has never been more important. Whether your vacation rental plays host to occasional visitors or is a high-turnover operation, every stay is judged by its clean and safe appeal.

From now on, clean practices are front and center. The good news is that guests are more than willing to be part of the protective process. For example, guests now expect sanitizing wipes to be a natural aspect of the experience. You might choose to make packs of single-use hand sanitizing wipes available throughout your property or offer each guest a convenient five-pack of sanitizing wipes. These alcohol-based options kill germs while removing dirt and grime. And they’re remarkably affordable, which allows you to stock up and stay ahead of needs.

Of course, for your everyday property clean, it’s important to be armed with name brand housekeeping products that ensure all your settings are guest ready. This includes those often-missed area such as TV remotes, kitchen counters, and shower curtains.

With today’s focus on staying clean and safe, be sure you always have the right solutions in place and the best wipes on hand.