Vacation rentals are primed for summer progress

Vacation rentals are primed for summer progress

As we know, the vacation rental market has fared better than hotels in these challenging times. Following a pandemic travel pattern, many families and groups opted for the social distance of private rentals or resorts. Will that trend continue as more vaccinations leads to more vacationing?

Both VRBO and Airbnb have experienced a remarkable recovery since the early days of the pandemic. Over the Spring Break weeks of March and April, the property platform Vacasa reported their most popular destinations were at nearly 95 percent. This surge is now being cushioned by a flurry of summer bookings in those same destinations and more. In some popular areas, it’s already too late to book a rental in upcoming months.

Since the rental market doesn’t depend on a rise in business travel, which will likely rebound more slowly, it stands to build on this momentum. As VRBO president Jeff Hurst put it, “We could be looking at a real boom period for leisure travel.”

At aBundle, we know this early recovery period will be both exciting and demanding for property owners or managers like you. We’ll continue to support your progress, and your budget, with reduced pricing on Clearance Items and special promotions on other key supplies.

With safety as an ongoing priority, the vacation rental market certainly seems poised for better times ahead. Make sure your property is guest ready.

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