3 easy ways to make your rental more appealing

3 easy ways to make your rental more appealing

You’ve done the research, stocked up on the right essentials , and have an awesome host profile. Yet, you still feel like you’re not quite guest-ready. We aim to help. Here are three simple tips to help make sure you offer a memorable stay.

Tip #1: Clear the Clutter

We know the temptation. You want to fill your vacation rental with quality furniture and accessories that reflect your cool, collected style. But ask yourself; could this cool and collected leave guests feeling cramped and cluttered?

Instead, think minimalistic. Focus on furnishing your rental with a few practical items (sofas, tables, and chairs) while leaving ample space for moving around. If an item in a room doesn’t provide value for your guests, take it out. Ultimately, this will help make your place more comfortable and inviting.

Tip #2: Let in the Light

Without proper lighting, even the most well-designed space can feel small and dingy. Natural light can make a home feel more spacious and welcoming. In rooms not meant for sleeping, consider taking down curtains and blinds to help open the space up and let in the natural light.

While natural light is a great way to open a home, not every space has this option. Instead, placing table and floor lamps throughout your home is a fantastic way to provide sufficient light and give guests more control in using it. Additionally, overhead lighting fixtures that fit your space and budget can create a comfortable ambiance that still feels clutter-free.

Tip #3: Affordable Luxury

There are two simple ways we recommend making your home feel luxurious, and neither will break the bank. The first is by adding one or two “wow” items in each room. A “wow” item is something that will make your home feel unique, like a fun house plant or silly art piece that guests won’t find anywhere else. Subtle details like these can help highlight your personal touch and bring your listing to the next level.

The second simple way is through color. When decorating your space, think about how you want your guests to feel. What emotions are you hoping to evoke? Often times, the right color choice is dependent on location. For example, a mountain cottage calls for warm reds, oranges and yellows to help stir up feelings of comfort and coziness. On the other hand, a beach rental may be filled with light blues, grays, greens and whites to complement your guests’ relaxing tropical getaway experience.

So, what is the secret ingredient to keeping your place booked? Simplicity. Make sure your space feels open and uncluttered, use color wisely to evoke mood, and be sure not to overdo it. After all, luxury can be found in the details, with a few simple items that are aimed to impress.