Scrub Mommy Mini Mommy

Scrub Mommy Mini Mommy

by Scrub Daddy


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Popular dual-sided scrubber resists odors

  • Dual-sided design for a good soapy lather
  • Odor-resistant; sanitize in your dishwasher rack
  • Approximate 4" diameter; 1" thick

A dual-sided design is what makes this happy helper our “multitasking Mommy.” Her purple and pink FlexTexture side changes based on your water temperature. Soft in warm water and firm in cool. Her spongy ResoFoam side is perfect for creating a soapy lather and wiping up spills. She’s odor/stain resistant and can be sanitized on the top rack of your dishwasher. Approximately 4" diameter and 1"-thick. Order individually.