Kitchen Bundles

Travelers turn to vacation rentals for the convenience of making a home-cooked meal. Give your guests the luxury of a fully stocked kitchen with one of our kitchen kits.

Our Kitchen Setup Kit makes it easy to prep your vacation rental kitchen with one single purchase. Our original kitchen bundle includes multiple options for dinnerware, flatware, cookware sets, mixing bowls, and cooking utensils. Hosts can customize the kit based on their specific needs, preferences, and budget. Whether you’re looking for simple, affordable dinnerware or something a little more high-end, our kitchen setup kit can be made to suit all styles.

Browse our selection of custom kitchen kits below for everything your guests will need to prepare a great meal. If you don’t see everything you need here, please visit the Kitchen section of our website.

Need a solution for setting a kitchen?  Not sure which items you will need.  Well here is a start.  Pick from a pre-curated list and voila, you will be ready to host your next guest.
Need a solution for setting a kitchen?  No...

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