We’re sponsoring a new show about the vacation rental movement?

We’re sponsoring a new show about the vacation rental movement?

At aBundle, everything we do centers around you. That’s why we’re thrilled to sponsor a new digital series that shines a spotlight on the great vacation rental movement.

“A Sense of Place,” which you can stream at, is definitely a new kind of travel show. The series will introduce viewers to amazing destinations through vacation rental properties and their incredible hosts. In the process, it offers travelers exciting ideas for their next adventure, gives seasoned vacation rental owners tips on improving and growing their business, and provides prospective hosts with the inspiration to
start their own.

The show is hosted and produced by Matt Landau, one of the world’s leading vacation rental coaches. Matt launched one of the first vacation rental businesses in the emerging historic district of Casco Viejo, Panama, learning the challenges of community building from the ground up. He applied this real-world experience to the creation of a virtual community in the form of VRMB, an online resource for vacation rental owners and managers. When considering TV proposals from several major studios, Matt’s admiration for his own community members became the impetus for “A Sense of Place” – with its view of professional vacation rentals through prototypes at the very top of their game.

“Because vacation rentals are relatively new, creating a set of baseline standards is critical to our collective success,” said Matt. “Working with a company like aBundle, which is ushering in a new era of professionalism, felt like a natural and exciting fit.”

We couldn’t agree more. The fact that Matt is an accomplished vacation rental host himself, as well as a leading voice in this ever-evolving community, makes this show such a great resource to the vacation owners, managers and hosts that we serve. “We couldn’t have partnered with a more knowledgeable and enthusiastic personality,” said our own Alice Sadeghian, director of marketing at aBundle.

While the digital series debuts Thursday, November 9, aBundle’s sponsorship begins in January and covers the final four episodes of the show’s introductory season. Episodes roll out weekly to a growing number of viewers ready to discover “A Sense of Place.”